Ueber uns - >redmail-Gruppe

About us

We are an Austrian sales & marketing service provider with decades of experience and special expertise in media delivery. As a subsidiary of the Styria Media Group AG we are part of one of the leading media groups in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia and thus have a dense network in the media sector. Bringing information – and more – precisely to its destination. That is the standard that we, >redmail Logistik & Zustellservice GmbH, set for our services. We are the only service provider in our sector to be certified by the Quality Austria ISO 9001:2008. In our core business, we have specialised in the (early) delivery of daily and weekly newspapers. As the >redmail Group we ensure a smooth and punctual delivery of millions of daily and weekly newspapers every year through our shareholdings. The >redmail Group employs around 350 people and more than 3000 delivery partners in the federal provinces of Vienna, Lower Austria, Styria, Carinthia and East Tirol. Our central sites are located in Vienna, Graz and St. Veit.